Father Ed’s “Animating Worship Course” – Update

Our first survey in the four-part “Animating Worship (What Worship Leaders Need to Know)” course is coming to its completion– we’ve surveyed Christian Music, historic to contemporary, in both the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity, using Wilson-Dickson’s The Story of Christian Music as our basic text, and supplementing it with Michele Evdokimov’s Two Martyrs in a Godless World and Lim and Ruth’s Lovin’ on Jesus.

This survey is part of a continuing online journey of study that you can board at any time.

The winter survey is a basic course on worship patterns in the Western Church, with James F White’s Introduction to Christian Worship, Third Edition and Lim and Ruth’s Lovin’ on Jesus as our core texts. The White text is a standard among seminarians; Lim and Ruth continue the White text from roughly AD2000 through the present.

If you or anyone you know would like to join this segment of the course, please spread the word, and have them email me, fatherwagner@aol.com. I’m very happy to communicate with anybody interested!

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