Join Us!

We gather on Sunday evenings, at various churches throughout Grey and Bruce counties. Depending on the community in which that church might be, many of us will drive up to an hour to attend.

Meetings are therefore substantial– an education component, a potluck or catered supper, a business meeting which always includes planning for future events– and lots of fellowship. We meet September, November, January, April and June, each time from about 4.30 or 5.00 in the evening until 8.30 or 9.00 at night. Guests are always expected, and we are delighted when non-members join us. 

Why Join?

Every organist, church musician and supporter of the RCCO’s aims should belong– now, more than ever.

We simply need one another, for the sake of the instrument itself, and our profession. RCCO is the only Canadian organisation in our field that is a big enough tent to represent us all nationally– it is ecumenical and bilingual, its certificates and diplomas are internationally honoured, and it enjoys the patronage of our Governor General himself.

Fees for our Grey Bruce Centre are $100 annually. You get a lot in return, including a professionally-edited national magazine every two months. But you can think of your membership fee as an annual donation that strengthens our national voice and our profession, that says you stand in solidarity with the rest of us.

You can be a member of the RCCO/Grey Bruce Centre and never come to a meeting. This fellowship of learning and delight remains nevertheless perpetually open to new people and new ideas– so please, do come and try us out! Celebrate the joys of making music on the organ and in church, in company with folks who share the same passion!  Contact our President for more information!