November 2020 – Minutes

RCCO – Grey Bruce Centre

Meeting Minutes

Sunday, November 8, 2020

2:00 p.m. via Zoom

(due to Covid 19 pandemic)

Present: Marilyn Dickson, President; Satomi Currah, Treasurer; Azrael Hackshaw, Member-at-large;Marjorie Tite, Secretary; John Tite, Steve Tite, Robert Tite, Richard Smith, David Hamilton, GertrudeWeber, Ashton Dunk

Regrets: Fr. Ed Wagner, Immediate Past President/Chaplain/Region 5 Director; Julian Delf, Vice-President/Web Master; Dwayne Hachman, Membership Co-ordinator; Fiona Evison, Lester Hiraki, IanMcAlpine, Laura McAlpine, Anna Perrone, Douglas Squire

At 2:00 pm we met via Zoom and were welcomed by Marilyn.Marilyn presented the agenda. Satomi asked to have the update re the organ project added at 8.3. Acceptance was moved by David and seconded by Richard. All were in favour and the motion was carried.

Marilyn then asked for updates from each of the members present.

Richard told us that Anna Perrone is now in Toronto. She received a $2000 scholarship and is currently studying with Melvin Hurst. Richard also updated us on Legion activity, especially regarding the poppy campaign.

Ashton is in Sudbury doing his second year as a music student. Covid has affected his course majorly as 90% of his classes are online, which is hard.

Gertrude had been at the lake today. She’s getting back to teaching piano. She doesn’t think that the Walkerton Festival will go ahead this year.

David is still doing Zoom and YouTube services. He isn’t teaching any organ lessons. He tried one with

Azrael online. His kitten is now 11 months old. His church in Kincardine is staying closed until it becomes safe to sing.

Rob reported that he has no bands practising, no choirs practising, a few students doing online lessons and very little happening with the Georgian Bay Symphony. He would prefer doing live performances but appreciates being able to do the virtual.

John said that services at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Southampton started back in the church on Thanksgiving Sunday. The Tites, along with the church choir are continuing to record the music for the online services and for playback during in-house services.

Satomi’s church is still closed (Lutheran and Anglican). They are live streaming services and holding communion services twice a month.

Marilyn told us that Knox in Durham opened for in-house services this morning. There has been reluctance to go back. Earlier parking lot services went well but due to weather, they can’t happen any more. There were 34 people at the service today. A choir of 5 meets during the week to record the music.

Azrael is playing at the Crawford Church, which opened a month ago. They held outdoor services during the summer months.

Marilyn had a President’s Zoom meeting at National level on November 6 regarding Restructuring and Streamlining. National is thinking of doing Zoom meetings. Currently the Directors make the decisions and then communicate across the country. Regional Directors, such as Father Ed, only communicate with 5 or so Centres in their Region.

Satomi then presented her Financial Report at this time. There were only a few expenses or income items except for adonation of $240 and deposit interest of $.57 giving us income of $246.57 and expenses of $7.50 for bank fees (two months) and offering of $56.50. The balance was $1,043.60 in our Centre Scholarships Fund and $884.53 In our General Funds. Our total available funds is $1,928.13 and in Petty Cash we have $2.65. It was moved by Satomi and seconded by Azrael that we accept the financial report as presented. All were in favour and the motion carried.

The minutes were then presented and so it was moved by David and seconded by Gertrude that the minutes be accepted as presented. All were in favour and the motion carried.

Under the Business Arising from the Meeting we talked about the upcoming Harmonies in the Midst of Madness and Miracle service taking place at Knox United in Durham on April 2, 2021. It may be a virtual service. A lot of details need to be worked out re health unit and church rules. Father Ed, Julian and Marilyn could possibly form a committee to look into this. Azrael’s mother could possibly edit for us as she has been doing that for their church services. Marilyn will check with her. John wondered about proceeding with plans after Christmas, perhaps at the January meeting.

Azrael`s friend had planned to join us for a part of this meeting but found he was unable to make it.

Satomi reported about the Pipe Organs of Grey and Bruce and noted that they are asking for a list of churches with pipe organs, their specs and a sound sample. She would appreciate any help that we can all give her. Regarding the Lutheran Church of the Holy Saviour in Owen Sound, Ashton will help as well as John and Steve. Marilyn asked that the list be sent to her.

Future meeting suggestions were discussed and we decided to leave the meetings open for now while we are doing the meetings via Zoom.

The second Sunday in December (Dec. 13) was decided on for our next meeting. This one will be a social time for those that can attend.

Cambrian College will have a virtual concert coming up. Ashton will send along this info so we can all check it out.

A motion to adjourn was presented by Marj at 3:12 p.m.