November 2019 – Minutes

RCCO – Grey Bruce Centre Meeting Minutes – draft
Sunday, November 17th,  2019
First St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Hanover, ON

Present: President, Marilyn Dickson; Vice-President/Web Master, Julian Delf; Secretary/Treasurer, Satomi Currah; Immediate Past President/Chaplain Fr Ed Wagner; Membership Coordinator, Dwayne Hachman; Member-at-large, Azrael Hackshaw; David Hamilton, Hilery McAlpine, Ian McAlpine, Laura McAlpine, Richard Smith, John Tite, Marjorie Tite, and Steve Tite.

A few members played the 1917 Casavant/ 2017 Tite organ. Dwayne, his mother Louisa and friend Kristyn prepared and served a delicious meal of roast beef, ham, potatoes, vegetables, salad, chocolate cake and assorted juices. 

We were so happy to see Hilery, who has been ill since the last meeting and was making remarkably recovery after the treatments.  Marilyn congratulated Hilery for not missing even one meeting.

At 6:00 p.m. Dwayne gave a presentation on Baroque articulation. Using Voluntary in A Minor[1] by John James (?-1745), he demonstrated note duration and note separation to create an effect of rhythmic/melodic/metric accent.

Our business meeting began at 6:25 p.m. with  Marilyn thanking Dwayne for his presentation, as well as for the delicious meal.  The agenda was adopted.

Treasurer’s Report
$0 in the National Scholarship Fund, $1213.60 in the Centre Scholarship Fund, and $334.02 in General Funds. Satomi reminded us that the National RCCO will issue a tax receipt for any amount of donation and that cheques should be made payable to “RCCO Grey-Bruce”. Moved by John, seconded by Fr Ed that the report be accepted. Carried.

Minutes of September 15th meeting
Azrael moved, seconded by Julian that the Minutes be accepted. Carried.

Business Arising From Minutes
1. Proposed Hymn Festival – Julian, Fr Ed, and Marilyn – Fiona absent
Julian reported that the committee had met by ZoHo and proposed that the hymn festival be planned for sometime during the last two weeks in October, 2020. The committee discussed various ideas such as each hymn being accompanied by a commentary. Regarding choice of hymns, we could choose hymns for each season, hymns of different denominations, or favourite hymns based on a survey.  Location is still to be determined.  Committee invited input from the members. 

Members made the following suggestions:

Discourage the use of a screen which usually only shows words, not the score. A screen doesn’t allow singers to face the centre of the sanctuary. Some hymn festivals use a booklet with music for each participant.

Choose good contemporary hymns which tend to attract a larger attendance. Some hymn festivals require a large choir. We could invite community choirs. Various members described previous positive experiences such as the RCCO Victoria Centre offering a Hymn and Anthem Festival, where choirs from multiple churches sang anthems and hymns; “Choirs in Contact” where members of several choirs were conducted by eminent conductors and presented a concert; or several choirs prepared a work such as Elijah and sang in a mass chorus.

Choose a fairly large church in a community large enough to draw a good sized attendance. We might invite non-members’ churches and Amish to participate. A few possible churches were suggested as having enough space and a large enough organ: Kincardine United, Knox United, Durham, First St. Matthew’s, Hanover, Central Westside United, Owen Sound, St. Mary’s, Owen Sound.  However, considering other churches may be way to include them. Chesley Lake Camp was also suggested. It was suggested that our various services (Hymn Festival, Harmonies, and Ascension Day) should be spread out geographically.

Members are encouraged to make note of other community events during our proposed time so we don’t conflict with them, particularly in the community we choose.

The Hymn Festival Committee appreciates the input and will consider these suggestions.

2.  Harmonies in the midst of Madness and Miracles on Friday April 10th, 2020 at Christ Church, Lion’s Head – Satomi
Satomi will ask Christ Church to allow us to have centre meeting on Sunday March 22nd, 2020 (the fourth Sunday of the month) with a snow date of March 29th so that the members have opportunity to play the church’s organ.  Fr Ed agreed to plan the bulletin/order of service. Satomi will circulate the order of service to members so they can volunteer to play hymns and other musical offerings for the service. She will also prepare a rehearsal sign-up sheet. As well, Satomi will also ask congregations of LAAMB (Lutheran and Anglican Ministry of the Bruce, of which Christ Church, Lion’s Head, is one of the seven churches) to participate in scripture readings.

Secretary Satomi noted that according to the minutes of previous meetings, where the offering goes has been inconsistent, ranging from the total offering going to the hosting church, to the Centre received a part of it or all of it.  Fr Ed explained that Centre started receiving the offering because Centre took charge of organizing the service and prepared bulletin. Members made various suggestions, partly because of possible scholarship plans.  We decided to defer this decision.

3.Orgelkit – John, Marj, and Laura
John reported that the committee contacted London Centre, where an Orgelkit for the region is supposed to be stored, but it was not there.  A fee of $75.00 is charged per day/event, although waived for Centre use. Shipping can be saved by picking it up and returning it ourselves. Application for use must be submitted to Rick St Germain, rather than London Centre.  Comprehensive teaching resources are available online at  John estimated it will take 45 minutes to assemble the 100-piece kit and takes about half a day to cover the suggested activities. 
Members suggested various ways to use the Orgelkit, such as the Midwestern Ontario Rotary Music Festival in Walkerton or other places outside the church, to attract a larger audience. It was suggested that we should try the Orgelkit ourselves first before inviting schools to be involved.

4.  Ascension Day Service on May 21st, 2020 – Fr. Ed
Fr Ed brought the outline of the service (Appendix A), emphasizing that the use of organ is liturgically proper and that 1959 Fryxell (beloved) Setting is used (basic outline of which is gathering-word-meal-something that Lutherans do every Sunday in this area) and also16th century Choral setting is used for communion.  In this proposed service, choir (to lead congregational singing) and cantor are required.  As for the space, St. Mark’s, Chesley, is large enough to accommodate the planned service.  Members unanimously agreed to support Fr Ed to prepare finer details.

5.Revised meeting location and date of January 2020 Centre meeting
Anna Perrone has agreed to give us a talk on her experience of the 2019 Summer Academy at the  Halifax Organ Festival for the January meeting. Anna is available on January 19th and January 26, 2020. Marilyn will book a location for the meeting, preferably on January 19 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Owen Sound.

6.  Members Update – Dwayne
Membership Coordinator Dwayne spoke with Ann Clark.  She is playing at a church occasionally.  Dwayne read an email from Ashton Dunk, who is enrolled in  Cambrian College, Sudbury.  In his email, Ashton thanked Dwayne for giving contact information of Robert Hall, Grey Bruce Centre member who teaches at Laurentian College, Sudbury.

Dwayne confirmed that his company Air-O-Dynamic Duct Cleaning will cover registration fees for organ students for Walkerton Music Festival. Dwayne also sketched the idea that to encourage piano registrants to enter in organ category of the festival, GBRCCO publish an organ primer. To demonstrate some concrete idea of the primer, he distributed a printout of the ideas of types of compositions to be included and a couple of his own compositions (Appendix B).

Richard added IMLP ( has simple teaching pieces (even entire teaching books) available in public domain. 

7.  Future Harmonies in the midst of Madness & Miracles locations
John moved, seconded by Fr. E that Knox United, Durham (member church to which Marilyn and Azrael belong, and has an Allen digital organ), hosts 2021 Harmonies. John pointed out that because we had Harmonies in south (Hanover) in 2018 and in west (Kincardine) in 2019, and we are going to north (Lion’s Head) in 2020, and suggested that we go to south next. Carried.

New and Ongoing Business
1.  GROW / Scholarship – Marilyn, Fr Ed, and Satomi
The committee is proposing that we advertise organ scholarships in early January 2020, have auditions during March break, make nominations, and receive submit nominations to National RCCO before the end May, which is the end of RCCO year. If we have additional excellent applicants from the auditions after June we can apply for more funding in 2020-2021 cycle.  We are allowed two national scholarships a year (partly because other centres aren’t applying).  Fr Ed moved.  David seconded.  Carried.

2.  Immersive Auralities – Fr Ed
We are still waiting for Canada Council’s decision on granting RCCO to support Immersive Auralities: web platform for contemporary organ music and culture, accessible to all.

Additional Officers’ Reports

  • Region Director/ (also Centre Immediate Past President/ Chaplain) Fr Ed reported that what goes on at National RCCO (i.e., National Council, consisting of Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees) is important because that is where decisions are made.
  • President Marilyn has already made necessary report.
  • Vice-President/Web Master Julian had nothing to report, other than he recently moved from the woods to a hill.
  • Membership Coordinator Dwayne had already made his membership report.
  • Member-at-large Azrael had nothing to report.


  • Knox United, Durham has red choir gowns available if anyone knows of an interested choir.
  • Marilyn, passed along Fiona’s request for registration suggestions for the Central Westside, Owen Sound organ, where she is playing December services. She would also appreciate any suggestions for appropriate music to play. Please e-mail your suggestions directly.
  • Re the invitation to play its grand Aeolian organ during Christmas tours at the historic Meadow Brook Hall house museum, Rochester Hills, MI, Marilyn mentioned that Matilda Dodge Wilson, the original  owner of Meadow Brook Hall was born in Walkerton, ON.
  • Fr Ed reported he recently corresponded with David Palmer, former member of Windsor-Essex Centre.  Fr Ed made a point that having communication channel open to fellow centres brings opportunities, referring to the invitation to play the organ in Walkerton-born Wilson’s mansion.  It was from Ian Mason of Chatham Centre from whom Fr Ed received the email invitation/request for us to play Meadow Brook Hall organ. Earlier, Ian Mason had attended an event at Windsor-Essex Centre, where he met an AGO (American Guild of Organists) member of Detroit Centre, who informed him of the need of volunteer organists at Meadow Brook Hall.
  • John announced that Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Owen Sound needs piano/organ players.  Contact Rev. Chris Krejlgaard.
  • Marilyn said Knox United, Durham, is hosting Christmas Cantata 2019 by  Durham Community Choir on Friday, November 29th and Saturday, November 30th at 7:30 pm, Sunday, December 1st at 2:00 pm, and Sunday, December 8th at 2:00 pm.
  • Azrael invited us to Crawford United, where he serves, for Advent Carol Sing on December 4th.

8:30 p.m.  Adjournment.  Thank you to Louisa and Kristyn not only for preparing a delicious meal, but for tidying up the church’s well used kitchen. We sincerely appreciate their efforts. 

Next meeting: January 19th, 2020
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Owen Sound
4:00 pm to check out the organ, 5:00 p.m. pot-luck supper
REMINDER:    Please let Marilyn know of agenda items you wish added by the Wednesday before the next meeting

​[1] Trevor, C. H. (Ed.) Old English Organ Music for Manuals Book 3.  Oxford University Press.