March 2021 – Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 21, 2021

2:00 p.m. via Zoom

(due to Covid 19 pandemic)

Present: Marilyn Dickson, President; Fr. Ed Wagner, Immediate Past President/Chaplain/Region 5 Director; Julian Delf, Vice-President/Web Master; Satomi Currah, Treasurer; Azrael Hackshaw, Member-at-large; Marjorie Tite, Secretary; John Tite, Steve Tite, Richard Smith, David Hamilton, Gertrude Weber, Ashton Dunk, Fiona Evison, Anna Perrone

Regrets: Dwayne Hachman, Membership Co-ordinator; Robert Tite, Lester Hiraki, Ian McAlpine, Laura McAlpine, Douglas Squire

Marilyn welcomed everyone at approximately 2:00 pm via Zoom.

Marilyn then presented the agenda. There were no additions or changes. Acceptance was moved by John and seconded by Julian. All were in favour and the motion was carried.

The minutes were then presented and it was moved by David, with thanks and seconded by Steve, that the minutes be accepted as presented. All were in favour and the motion carried.

Satomi then presented her Financial Report. With deposit interest of $.55 and donations of $135.00 our total income was $135.55. With expenses of $244.79 for the annual web hosting fee and $7.50 for bank fees (two months) our total expenses were $252.29. There had been donations of $375.00 in memory of Hilery McAlpine. That resulted in a balance of $1,043.60 in our Centre Scholarships Fund and $760.90 in our General Funds. Our total available funds is now $1,804.50 and in Petty Cash we have $2.65. It was moved by Fr. Ed, with thanks and seconded by Ashton that we accept the financial report as presented. All were in favour and the motion carried. 

We then discussed what the annual fee per member should be that goes to our centre for the coming year. It was moved by David and seconded by Ashton that the fee should be $10.00. There was some discussion and then a vote was called which was unanimous so all were in favour and the motion carried.

Marilyn then explained the terms for each office and noted that she likes our new method of nominating and voting. So the plan is to have the ballots to each member by April 16 and your replies are expected within one week. 

In person meetings will likely resume after all or most of us have been vaccinated or our area is out of the green zone. 

New Business: Pipe Organs in Grey and Bruce was discussed by Satomi, who is overseeing this project. She’s sending out a spreadsheet about all the organs and would like the organ specs updated for each of them. Please fill in empty cells on the sheet if you can. There was then discussion around all the pipe organs in our area being covered. Satomi has done a great job getting all the information and including it. We still need to work on getting more sound samples of the organs. 

Fr. Ed has completed his term as Regional Director. Fiona thanked him for his work there and for his support of our centre through that position. Please stay tuned as many changes are coming at the National level. 

A motion to adjourn was presented by Marj at 2:54 pm.