June 2021 (AGM) – Minutes



 2021 06 27 – 2:00 p.m.

Present on the Zoom Call :

Marilyn Dickson, Richard Smith, Julian Delf, Satomi Currah, Marj Tite, John Tite, Fiona Evison, Fr. Ed Wagner, Dwayne Hackman, Steve Tite, Azrael Hackshaw, Ian McAlpine, Laura McAlpine

1 – Welcome and share any news you’d like to share.

Marilyn welcomed everyone to the Zoom call and started by asking how people were coping and what was planned for services as we enter Phase 2 on Wednesday 30th June.

Marj said that they had had a service this morning, which was well attended given the current restrictions. Laura said they were hopefully starting services next week. Fiona said that Central Westside had had 8 attendees in person and also people watching on-line.

Marilyn had attended a live parking lot service at Durham, there was a recorded version on-line on YouTube, they have been getting an average of 100 views. They were going to continue with this and were planning to be back in church in September.  Azrael’s church had started parking lot services last week. Fiona asked how they had been providing the music, this was by a keyboard protected by a tent cover. Julian said they had the first in-person service at Annan, following all the current protocols, this was also livestreamed for the first time (rather than being pre-recorded). This live streaming was a new initiative and hadn’t gone totally smoothly, but there was a recorded backup as well that was put on YouTube. Hopefully future weeks will work better.

Ian has two services planned for July and two for August, he asked if anyone knew of an organist who could play at Kinlough as they have lost their organist. Ian noted that the Anglican churches aren’t singing O Canada, as directed by the Bishop, this year in respect of the indigenous issues. Father Ed expressed general anxiety about what will happen with services as we get back to post Covid normality – will we continue with virtual services, perhaps shorter services, what about singing? We are probably going to have to be more flexible.  It was noted that we are typically getting more views for on-line services than we had at in-person services pre Covid.

2 – Minutes from last meeting – January 10, 2021

Relevant business arising from 2021 01 10 minutes

The main matters from the minuets were the upcoming election and the future of in-person meetings. It was discussed that we could plan on that for summer, assuming progress in vaccinations and a reduction in Covid numbers in Grey/Bruce, with backup date. Marilyn offered to host as she has a large outdoor area so we can socially distance.

What can we do to accommodate out of area members?  We have one new member for this year from the Ottawa area – interested in organ history – and who joined several Centres, we have been unable to contact him so far. Fiona suggested we could have a laptop at meetings so people who couldn’t attend could Zoom in, there could be problems with the audio limits of a laptop. Ian noted that we don’t normally have a summer meeting so we could use that time in planning how best to manage meetings. Azrael suggested that we could record the meeting to allow people to review it later. We used to send out a newsletter, that may be a way of keeping in touch, or we need to find other ways of being inclusive. Father Ed thought numbers at meetings could be a problem under current restrictions, Marilyn suggested we need to check what we can do when we are all fully vaccinated.

3 – Treasurer’s Report – Satomi

The financial report was distributed with the agenda for this meeting. Satomi first explained the rational in showing three main money streams in our single account – General Funds, Centre Scholarships and National Scholarships. This gives a clearer understanding of the money flow and allows better planning for the yearly budget. In the report there is an additional stream for the donations in memory of Hilery. The report for the last period 2020/2021 shows deposits of $220.59, mainly from RCCO Centre fees and donations, and expenses of $183.50. This leaves us with a total balance as of May 31st of $1841.59. The report shows the split between the various streams.

Next Satomi went through the full years financial statement, this showed the data in the same format as above and shows the same totals (as it also runs till May 31st). Due to Covid there were no revenue generating events and there was also no movement on scholarships, although there a couple of interested individuals for the Centre Scholarship when things get back to “normal”. Satomi noted that the transfer of funds from National RCCO we quicker now using e-transfer.

Ian noted that the plant that was given by the Centre in memory of Hilery is still doing well.

Azrael moved that the report be accepted, seconded by Fiona, carried with all in favor.

4 – Projected Budget – Satomi

Satomi next went through the proposed budget, also sent out with the agenda, this was based on the last two years financials. It was a bit hard to plan due to the current situation, but Satomi has put in some income/expenses from some proposed events. We will have to see what is actually feasible as conditions change. Fiona suggested that if we want to use Zoom for meetings, even when are mainly in person, we need to add that in.

Ian had some ideas about how we might use the funds donated in memory of Hilery, this could be a concert or a memorial scholarship. It was agreed to think further on this.

Father Ed thanked Satomi on behalf of everyone for her work in making it clear where monies were coming from and going to. A motion was made by Julian to accept the budget for 2021/2022, seconded by Father Ed – carried with all in favor.

5 – Secretary’s Report – Marj

Marilyn thanked Marj for her work over the last period and for keeping the minutes during the Zoom meetings. Marj had found it interesting being secretary during the pandemic and being part of the National discussions.

6 – Induction of Incoming Executive  – Fr. Ed

Marilyn said it was interesting looking at the voting patterns, etc. everyone who was asked was willing to take role. The results of the election process were …

President                          Dwayne Hackman

Vice President                 Fr. Ed Wagner

Secretary                          Julian Delf

Treasurer                          Satomi Currah

Membership Chair          Azrael Hackshaw

Member at Large             Laura McAlpine

Past president                 Marilyn Dickson

Father Ed presented the new executive and they all pledged to support the Centre.

7 – Proposed dates and plans for 2021-2022 meetings

The following dates were discussed and voted on

September 12th
November 14th
January 9th – 2022 (16th Snow date)

March 13th (20th Snow Date)

April 2nd (Harmonies practice) – Apr 15th for harmonies

May 15th  

June 12th (AGM)

Assuming we are meeting in person Snow Date may just be Zoom meetings instead, the meeting dates were voted on and carried.

We welcomed invitations to host meetings, assuming we will be able to meet in person. Marj suggested St Andrews, Southampton for the November 14th meeting, Father Ed volunteered St Marks, Chesley for the September 12th Meeting, March 13th will be hosted by Marilyn at Durham, Fiona will check if Central Westside, Owen Sound would be able to host the January 9th Meeting? Marilyn volunteered to host the AGM in June 2022.

Program ideas for 2021-2022 – please pass along to Dwayne any ideas for the 21/22 meetings.

8 – Adjournment

Dwayne, as incoming President, thanked everyone on the previous executive for their work and support over the last period. The next executive meeting was set for 10:00, July 22nd at St Marks Church, Chesley.

The meeting was Adjourned at 15:30 following which Grace was shared.