January 2021 – Minutes

RCCO – Grey Bruce Centre

Meeting Minutes

Sunday, January 10, 2021

2:00 p.m. via Zoom

(due to Covid 19 pandemic)

Present: Marilyn Dickson, President; Fr. Ed Wagner, Immediate Past President/Chaplain/Region 5

Director; Julian Delf, Vice-President/Web Master; Satomi Currah, Treasurer; Dwayne Hachman,

Membership Co-ordinator; Azrael Hackshaw, Member-at-large; Marjorie Tite, Secretary; John Tite,

Steve Tite, Robert Tite, Richard Smith, David Hamilton, Gertrude Weber, Ashton Dunk, Ian McAlpine,

Laura McAlpine, Anna Perrone

Regrets: Fiona Evison, Lester Hiraki, Douglas Squire

Marilyn welcomed everyone at approximately 2:00 pm via Zoom.

Marilyn presented the agenda. There were no additions or changes. Acceptance was moved by David

and seconded by Richard. All were in favour and the motion was carried.

The minutes were then presented and it was moved by Father Ed, with thanks and seconded by

Ashton that the minutes be accepted as presented. All were in favour and the motion carried.

Satomi then presented her Financial Report. With deposit interest of $.61 and expenses of $7.50 for

bank fees (two months) our balance was $1,043.60 in our Centre Scholarships Fund and $877.64 In

our General Funds. Our total available funds is $1,921.24 and in Petty Cash we have $2.65. There is

still an outstanding cheque for $244.79. It was moved by Julian, with thanks and seconded by Azrael

that we accept the financial report as presented. All were in favour and the motion carried.

#6 – Note the procedure for electing and nominating executive members

#9 – Good participation for Harmonies and the GROW program went well with volunteers and


#10 – Travelling Clinician and Scholarships and Orgel Kit (we felt we could handle storing the Orgel


#11 – Distance of members, also winter weather complications, Covid is a challenge, rural wifi

connections, the number of churches using organs and those using other keyboards, lack of

musicians to cover organ positions after current organists retire.

#12 – Petition for better wifi. Father Ed wants more members trying the RCCO exams. Also there

should be different exams. Further discussion followed. The relevance of the exams to what we do

was also discussed. He also noted that the Travelling Clinicians have been helpful here. We were to

check the minutes re details regarding the Orgel Kit information for Tuesday`s meeting. Clarify and

give more information around playing hymns. Perhaps changes need to be investigated regarding the

current exams.

#13 – Optimistic (we are all different, with different levels of talent and education but connect well as a

group ie Good Friday service, etc.)

#14 – Good to outstanding – young people, participants in events, most of the membership attends


#15 – Keep on doing more of the same programs and events. Good clergy response to our Harmonies

programs In particular.

#16 – Zoom and Facebook, no more snow issues, more personal at actual meetings, we exchange

music ideas and the hymns and traditions from other  .

Other – At various meetings we feel like National is doing things and we follow along as best we can.

Do we feel attached to, or optimistic about our connection to National. We do get good assistance

from National re the Travelling Clinicians. The National scholarships are also very helpful. The

direction they’re going at National, eg prayer at meetings, is upsetting. There had also been problems

with one individual regarding membership from September, 2019 which National seemed to take

forever with before we were given a response.

Satomi summarized about the Pipe Organs of Grey and Bruce. She has digitized Coenraad Smit’s

photo albums from 2010. She wants more documents, etc associated with pipe organs in the area that

may be new to our area or that may have been missed, eg home organs. For the sound samples of

each organ she would like a quiet prelude, a postlude and a hymn.

Anna was just accepted to Hillsdale College in Michigan with scholarships for piano, organ and choral.

Marilyn thanked everyone for their attendance and input.

A motion to adjourn was presented by Marj at 3:30 p.m.