January 2020 – Minutes

RCCO – Grey Bruce Centre Meeting Minutes – draft

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

St Mark’s Lutheran Church, Chesley, ON

Present: President, Marilyn Dickson; Vice-President/Web Master, Julian Delf; Immediate Past President/Chaplain Fr Ed Wagner; Membership Coordinator, Dwayne Hachman; Member-at-large, Azrael Hackshaw, Hilery McAlpine, Ian McAlpine, Laura McAlpine, Richard Smith, John Tite, Marjorie Tite, Gertrude Weber, Anna Perrone, Guest; Christy Perrone

The weather was not very nice in the afternoon and a few members managed to make it early to spend a bit of time playing the organ at St. Mark’s. Several people had already contacted us to say travelling was to difficult, Satomi, Steve, Rob and Fiona all sent apologies for not being able to make the Meeting.

Around five we regrouped, following grace we sat down for the potluck supper. There was a good selection of treats that were enjoyed.

At 6:00 p.m. Anna gave a presentation on her experience of the RCCO “Changing Tides” Organ Festival in Halifax, NS that she attended in July 2019. This sounded like a great experience and she covered the Churches and Organs she had seen and played, the classes and fellow participants she had met and the sites and sounds of Halifax. We had a special description of the art of Lobster eating! It looks like Anna is keen to attend the next Organ Festival as well.

Our business meeting began at 6:25 p.m. As Satomi was not able to be at the meeting Julian offered to take the minutes. Thanks to everyone for bringing potluck items and thanks to Father Ed for hosting after the meeting had to be moved.

Father Ed moved to adopt the agenda that Satomi had sent out for the meeting, Azreal seconded, and all were in favor. The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and there being no changes Father Ed moved they be accepted as printed, Gertrude seconded, and all were in favor.  

Business Arising from Minutes

2020 Harmonies . . . Madness and Miracle – April 10, 2020 – Christ Church, Lion’s Head

Marilyn encouraged everyone to sign up for a slot in this year’s program. Satomi has sent out a sheet with the available slots. Richard mentioned that it was difficult to see who had responded and it was agreed that as long as it was updated regularly and sent out it should be OK. John and Marj couldn’t open the document that Satomi had sent, Marilyn will ask Satomi to send out a PDF version.

Next we debated the split of receipts from the Harmonies. It was noted that the host church is proving   resources and facilities, but it was also noted that we are providing the service music, the service sheets and advertising. John moved that we split the proceeds 70% to the centre and 30% to the church, Father Ed seconded. It the discussion on the motion Father Ed said it would be better if it could all go to the centre scholarship fund. Laura mentioned that although it was a small church people do turn out to events. It was agreed that Father Ed and Satomi should discuss with Lions Head what their view would be. Ian moved that the motion be referred to the executive committee to resolve, John seconded, all were in favor.

Treasurers report

Satomi had sent out a thorough report, including a budget for the current year – which showed a potential short fall in funds. We looked at the centre fee, which will be due in March. Satomi had looked at other centres and the figure was around $10 for our size centre and $25-35 for larger ones. Last year our fee had ended up at $0, due to a couple of issues in setting it, fortunately that was offset by some large donations. Father Ed set things off by moving that we keep the fee as $0, Dwayne seconded. During the following discussion various options were looked at, finally Father Ed revised the motion to $10, Ian seconded, all were in favor. Marilyn to notify the RCCO National Office of the final decision. Azreal moved that we accept the treasurers report, Anna seconded all were in favor.

Ongoing and New Business

Ascension Day Service on May 21st, 2020 – Fr. Ed

Father Ed has been working with his Lutheran colleagues on this and it is progressing. If anyone would like to play during the service please let Father Ed know.

Scholarships – Marilyn

Marilyn gave us an update on the progress  and gave a description of information about scholarship, these will be like the 2015 advertised scholarships with a similar process for this year. Auditions should be on the 18th April so we can submit applications to the RCCO National office to take advantage of this years allocation of scholarships, and then possibly for next year as well. Marilyn will advertise via the school superintendent of the Bluewater School Board. We have to describe the audition and interview process as a rule of National scholarship program. We also will be looking at a summer program for those who didn’t get a scholarship. Father Ed noted that we should be proud of our success in previous years. Marilyn asked us to please circulate the information to anyone we think would be interested. Gertrude suggested that we should also contact any private music teachers who were former students working in schools. Anna also raised that she has two possible leads.

Membership Issue – Marilyn

Marilyn gave us update on a sensitive issue around a recent membership application the RCCO National and to our centre. She went through in some detail of the history of the issue and the interaction between us and the National office. This had involved an executive meeting to formulate a detailed response to National setting out our views. The consensus was that the response was good representation of the facts and had given the correct representation of our feelings to National. Father Ed commented on the issues with voting that had initially taken place at the National Board level. He felt that the centre’s response had helped clarify things.

  • Region Director/ (also Centre Immediate Past President/ Chaplain) Fr Ed reported that what goes on at National RCCO (i.e., National Council, consisting of Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees) is important because that is where decisions are made.
  • President Marilyn – Marilyn reported on the first meeting (via an online meeting) of the centre presidents with the National Office. This was mainly an information giving exercise, although it had been possible to send in questions prior to the meeting and will take place possibly 3, or 4, times a year. It covered topics like scholarships, insurance, standard rates for teaching, local to support centre objectives. Advocacy for organ and its music, Fundraising expertise, etc.
  • Vice-President/Web Master Julian reported that he had made changes to the hosting of the website cut down the cost, although this is still higher that we would like. This has basically put the site onto a basic hosting plan which removes some of the features we don’t currently use.
  • Membership Coordinator Dwayne nothing to report.
  • Member-at-large Azrael had nothing to report.


  • Azrael – Is the Special Guest performer at a concert “Mission Zimbabwe” in Victoria Jubilee Hall, Walkerton, on Feb 15th raising funds for Education programs.
  • Dwayne – Received an Email on Jan 13th from First Baptist Church, Owen Sound. They are currently trying to form a Rota of musicians to play 1-2 Sundays a month.
  • Marilyn – Travelling clinician. We should think about when in the next year we might want to organize one. Marilyn also checked on the Orglekit situation, the London centre don’t seem to have one yet, we should think about obtaining one for next year – free for our meeting then take to schools.
  • Gertrude – Is looking for anyone interested in taking part in this year’s Walkerton Festival. She has arranged for John Tuttle to adjudicate, Richard thanked Gertrude for arranging this. Dwayne made a very generous offer to sponsor anyone applying for the Organ class.

Next meeting: March 22nd, 2020 (Snow Day March 29)

Christ Church, Lion’s Head

4:00 pm to check out the organ (Harmonies practice), 5:00 p.m. pot-luck supper

REMINDER:    Please let Marilyn know of agenda items you wish added by the Wednesday